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Everything Peace Launches "Peace with a Purpose":                        Is there hope for people in need of more peace?  

SANTA BARBARA, California, May 31, 2017: Everything Peace, a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve society by empowering people to create personal peace, announced that its “Peace with a Purpose” project (“the project”) has now reached over 140,000 people since it was launched on the organization’s website on April 17. The visitor count was obtained through a study performed by Google Analytics. The project has provided visitors to Everything Peace’s website the opportunity to experience what Chris Burke, founder of Everything Peace, described as "a different kind of peace." The site’s visitors are invited to post what brings peace to their own lives and, to date, 225 have done so. The project is located at

The “Peace with a Purpose” project is an online platform for people to share the peace they have found in their lives.  Burke noted that the focus of the project is “the everyday miracles that create peace in our lives, the miracles that happen to each and every one of us.” “In an increasingly chaotic and uncertain world, Everything Peace and ‘Peace with a Purpose’ were created to celebrate the simple peace we all have in our lives like sitting in your favorite chair and taking your first sip of coffee in the morning, walking your dog on the beach after work, and hugging your children or loved one before bed,” said Burke. Suggesting that the project can contribute to the solution of large-scale problems, Burke stated that, “There is a powerful therapeutic effect from identifying and sharing one’s personal peace that is electrifying, vibrant, empowering and has the potential to cause a positive peace ripple effect in our communities.”

“I personally read and respond to every peace post,” said Burke. “Waking up every morning to find new ‘Peace with a Purpose’ messages in my inbox that I can distribute to so many people actually makes me feel like the luckiest guy in the world.”

About Everything Peace

Everything Peace is dedicated to creating positive change in society by empowering people to create personal peace. The organization encourages people to initiate their personal peace journey and help others discover their own peace within. For more information about Everything Peace or to share your own gift of personal peace, please visit


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