The miracle happens when "The Peace" is brought to the center of our lives.

About Us


Everything Peace 501c3 is a small start up founded by a small group of friends dedicated to creating positive change for peace.  Designed to help people take action with their personal peace journey & to make a significant difference in the quality of life lived in peace. Take the first step in creating the ripple effect for peace & help others discover their peace within. Share your peace today and give the gift of peace to your world.   Share Your Peace

Our objective is for everyone to live in peace with one another. We believe that sharing our individual peace with the world inspires & encourages people to live a full life in peace. We are people just like you who care & share the peace we found in our own lives. The miracle happens when "The Peace" is brought to the center of our lives. Please join us in our mission to touch a life or two for peace.

Feel free to contact us at:
805 708 2949

Everything Peace is a recipient of a Google Ad Grants award. The Google Ad Grants program supports registered nonprofit organizations that share Google's philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts. Google Ad Grants is an in-kind advertising program that awards free online advertising to nonprofits via Google AdWords.

Everything Peace recently earned the Gold level of participation. This leading symbol of nonprofit transparency and accountability is presented by GuideStar, the world’s largest source of nonprofit information.  GuideStar