We are more than just your typical recovery counselor. We are a collection of individuals with experience in long-term successful recovery.

We’re a specialized counseling agency that specializes in addiction detox and rehab counseling. We meet the individual and their loved ones where they are at scale a project whether you are struggling to stop or you have a loved one in need of help, we are here for you.

Specializing in providing tools to build a foundation for successful recovery, life coaching, interventions, drug deferment programs, probation, and juvenile probation and family therapy. Our personal approach and years of experience give our clients and loved ones the love and support that is crucial in early recovery. We develop personalized treatment plans and track all benchmarks and phases of treatment so that we can identify what methods and sources are performing the best and gettings stabilizing results. This ensures we’re focusing on the right modalities with accountability and evidence-based practices.

We also understand our clients are in transition and our objective is to make the recovery process seamless and painless by not burdening you and your family with questions and requests.  We are experts in the recovery process, organized and efficient with love and care at the center of all that we do.